Big Bend National Park, TX

February 3, 2019

Big Bend National Park is by far our favorite NP.  The scenery is B-E-A-Utiful!  I love how you can drive through and see the topography change from dry desert to green and grassy.  The amount of desert vegetation is plentiful with gorgeous orange and purple flowering cacti and towering mountains of red, brown and green.  And the night sky is unbelievable.  It's like no other view with the amount of stars that are visible.  This area of Texas is known to be part of the night sky community due to not having much light pollution.  Other factors feed into this such as humidity and such but here the galaxy that you see only in picture is visible to the naked eye.  Marathon Motel & RV Park has large telescopes and staff allow the customers to use them each night, with their help of course.  They were very knowledgeable of astronomy.  Also others house their telescope here and can remotely use them, not sure how that works but there were several housed there.  We were able to view Orion's belt, including Betelgeuse, Orion's Nebula and so much more.  We also learned about many other things that you normally would not see when close to the city due to light pollution.  This was a plus for the campground!


The campground was decent as it was basically just lines of campers but the motel area close to the office was very nice.  The bathrooms was nice and was much like you would find in a home.  Washer/dryer was ok but only offered 1 of each.  You were the only one with access until finished and the cost was pretty cheap, but if you have multiple loads it took several hours.  We had full hookups AT&T cell/internet worked ok here.



San Antonio, TX

January 20, 2019

YOU CAN PET DEER!  Need I say more.  It was so awesome to have deer walk through your camping spot all throughout the day.  We got several pictures and video of them during our stay.  We also went through about 60 lbs. of corn...yep 60 lbs.

While here our plans were to visit The Alamo.  In preparation, we wanted to brush up on our history so we watched a few documentaries and The Alamo movie.  Although small I appreciate the plaques showing the changes in boundaries and buildings over the years.  On one of many boards of reading I remember seeing that a governor had the 2nd story brick wall tore down in 1913.  After our tour we then made our way to see Mission San José before closing hours.  We only had about 15 minutes but it was enough to marvel at how well kept the grounds were.  They were currently having mass in the church so we could not view the inside.  I had no idea that it was still in use today.

We spent the next could of visits to San Antonio at the Riverwalk.  This is an area like no other.  Just strolling down the sidewalks offered enough views of the architecture, smell the food, and even see ducks.  We decided to take a boat tour and learned a little more about some of the buildings.  There was one building in particular that had gargoyles on it to ward off spirits. 


This is a thousand trails campground.  We love visiting these as we can usually guarantee that other full-time families with kids will be there.  The campground does offer full-hookups but being a TT you have to find your own spot.  The office does not reserve you a specific spot.  We wanted a nice view by the lake so we took water and electricity.  This is a HUGE campground so travel to the dumping station is about a 10 minute drive going the speed limit (you are in the campground).  The do have boathouses but they are very dated and in need of some repairs.  The laundry facilities were good here as well.  AT&T cell/internet worked great here.

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Waco and Austin TX

January 6, 2019

Back to Texas we go.  On to visit Magnolia Market and see a little of Chip and Joanna Gaines territory.  The silos were very intricately manicured with beautiful winter flowers and shrubbery.  I was amazed at how well the gardens were taken care of.  I wish I was able to have tasted something from the bakery but my hubs is not the patient kind as the line was wrapped around the building!

Being between Waco and Austin we had our choice of many great places to eat.  We ate at a great BBQ place in Round Rock, The Salt Lick.  It was very good!  We also have a goal to try hamburger chains as we travel.  In this area, we tried In-N-Out Burger.  Nothing special about the burger and the fries are just plain weird. 

On to Austin....This is a really neat place!  We visited the SoCo District and ate an awesome Mexican restaurant, Fresa's Chicken Al Carbon.  It was excellent!  Austin is known for it's wackiness and the stores did not disappoint.  


The campground was nice and clean but appeared to not be very old as the trees planted were very young and the grass needed some weed control.  The washers would not work on HOT so I was disappointed.  AT&T cell/internet service worked well here.

Watch: Magnolia Market - Waco,TX

Austin, TX

Best Fast Food Burger In All of the Land!?!?!




December 17, 2018

We traveled back "home" for the Christmas holidays to be with family and also for the birth of my sister's first baby, Levi Klaus.  He is such a cutie and is really a happy baby.  It was good to be with family again but we were ready to be on the road again.  The past 2 months have flown by and we are really enjoying this lifestyle.


The campground is decent with a clean bathhouse and laundry facilities.  AT&T cell/internet service was not that great here even though we were in the city.



Beach in December?

December 8, 2018

It was cold but the views and area was really nice.  We visited Bishop's Palace and I loved it.  The craftsmanship of the home is phenomenal.  The first floor windows each had wooden shutters and some were able to be opened to go straight onto the porches.  There was a butlers pantry and servants area of the kitchen, it even had an old ice box.  I just loved looking at the details of the wood carvings and how they lived in the early 1900's.  We also experienced our first gale force winds.  Didn't sleep much that night.


This is a resort, so the amenities are a little above your normal campground.  The office was very nicely decorated and had a kitchen and tv area.  They even served breakfast on a Saturday morning while there.  The laundry area is within the bath house for women and men.  AT&T cell/internet service was good here.  Would stay here again.

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1st National Park

December 1, 2018

Our first National Park as full-timers.  Although  not in the middle of nature as one would expect, the bath houses of Hot Springs are managed by the NP.    A few bath houses are still functional today and I wish I had time to make use of them.  The boys got their first Jr Ranger badge and enjoyed learning about the springs as well as Jason and I.  We took a hike up to the Hot Springs Mountain Tower and it was a pretty steep climb.  We enjoyed walking the streets at night with the beautifully decorated Christmas lights.  We also visited Garvan Woodland Gardens.  It was absolutely spectacular.  A must see for the area.


The campground is backed up to a creek and only a few minutes from the NP and downtown Hot Springs.  The restrooms were clean and had 1 washer and dryer.  AT&T cell/internet service was good here.  I would definitely recommend this campground.  JJ, the owner was great!




November 21, 2018

Back again, but on the other side of the lake.  Same wonderful atmosphere, we love it here.  Close enough to our family in MS but still far enough away from the city.


Nothing bad to say, if you want space and nature,this is the place to be.  They have concrete pads and full hook-ups.  AT&T cell/internet service was good here.



Work Training

November 4, 2018

Jason had a bit of work training in Alexandria and we had to start our journey to New Orleans for our upcoming  cruise. Yes, I planned a cruise, and for us to leave only a few weeks after hitting the road.  I like a nice vacation and the boys have been begging to go on another cruise for a few years.


This is a small family owned campground located on the Cotile Lake.  With full hookups but in a natural camping experience.  No concrete but right on the grass!  Very quiet and homey.  AT&T cell/internet service was good here.



Setting up domicile in TX (Part 2)

November 2, 2018

Yes, part 2 for getting our tags and licences.  It takes a village, literally.  Multiple calls were made to our camper lender and dealership to get the right documentation.  But we had success the 3rd visit to the tag office.  In order to make travel to Livingston easier, we moved from Lake Conroe to Livingston.  Being that this is where our mail service is (Escapees), they were very helpful in aiding us in our tag adventures.


This is a great place to stay and offers several different site types.  Some have lots of tree coverage and some have wide open skies.  They also have a nice laundry facility.  AT&T cell/internet service was good here.



Setting up domicile in TX

October 19, 2018

We set off for our next neighborhood in order to get TX tags and licence.  To say it was fun would be an understatement.  But on to the campground.  Wonderful place for families.  The boys had a blast playing with other full-time children and also attended 3 separate Halloween activities during our stay. 


Laundry facility was great and accepted cards, love not having to tote around tons of quarters.  The bathhouse facility was nice.  AT&T cell/internet service was good here.



First week of full timing!

October 10, 2018

We moved into our camper from our S&B (that's sticks and bricks for those that don't know) and went to our first full-time destination.  Although only an hour away, we had to stick around for the house closing.  I believe I moved around the items in my kitchen several times trying to get it functional and ended up with my original placement.  Don't ya love it when that happens.  We were able to do a little fishing, hang out with my sister and brother-in-law and just getting acquainted with the lifestyle change. 


This is a favorite of ours as there is plenty of space, clean facilities and wonderful nature.  AT&T cell/internet service was good here.  First time in the new GD Reflection 367bhs! 

Watch: First week fulltimers!


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